I started this post at the beginning of the year, and it has taken me another 6 months to sit down and finish it. Not because it actually took me that long, but simply because things have been busy!

During 2017 and through to today, I have been working on a number of projects:

Wow! Quite a bit now that I’ve got it all on paper. Most recently I’ve been learning about the P2P web over from the Beaker Browser folks.

And there is so much more I want to do!! Top on the priority list for me is releasing Justice. It is time to be done (I mean that in a good way). As has been predicted by so many roguelike developers, as my first “real” attempt at a game, I bit off more than I could chew, and the result has been a long slog. I regret nothing; the struggle has been an opportunity for me to practice diligence and persistence, even when it has been hard to continue. The result is something I am immensely proud of. A huge downside to picking at an enormous game in my spare time over the years is that technology has moved on. I want to build the next thing, and I’m ready to be back on the cutting edge.

After I do that, I want to move Hobgoblin JS into the future. It was created before ES6 was really a thing, and before the widespread standardization on tools like Babel. I want to create a library that you can import from in the modern way instead of using global variables etc. As I do that, another big goal for me is to write a tutorial series on this very blog for how to make your own roguelike using Hobgoblin!

We’ll see how much I can do with the rest of the year. While I am trying to do all of the above, I am also raising a family, writing a HERO System campaign, and am involved in a lot of other activities and organizations, and am working a full time job at a new company that I joined at the end of 2017!

It’s a lot, but I’m hoping to do even more, as I try to make productivity a habit.

Till next time, -Jake